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Edge milling of a car roof section

Software Development, Commissioning, Process Optimisation

Roboter Fräsen Roboter Handling Fully automated milling of edges of a SMC work-piece to be used as car roof component

In this project, the particular challenge was to reach a high quality of formation of visible edges.

Robot-aided milling of interior lining of a rear flap

Electrotechnical Design, Software Development and Commissioning

no image available Milling of edges and cut-outs is done by two-step milling procedure.

Special attention had to be paid to the form of edges since they are designed as visible edges of the vehicle.

Final test stand for vehicle air conditioners

Concept, engineering, designing, software

no image available The task was to develop a final test stand for vehicle air conditioners. This test stand should be equipped with as many standard components as possible.

Moreover, particular attention was paid to allowing simple and cost-efficient extension and technical adaptability to new requirements. In this field, especially high requirements on flexibility should be met. Modern vehicles are equipped with various bus systems: K-Bus, LIN, CAN, etc.

After the concept had won over the customer, it was put into practice at many final test stations, also abroad.

Assembly and Testing Equipment for Spring Unit

Software development and commissioning

Afema SRF For AFEMA GmbH, we realized a mounting machine and automatic tester for a spring unit for lateral guidance of a car seat.

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